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CCCM - Certified Call Center Manager

Call Center Management Certification Boot Camp
5-day training course, includes CCCM certification exam. Offered year-round in cities across the US. Can be scheduled in-house for private delivery.

This revolutionary curriculum is perfect for brand new and experienced contact center managers and executives pursuing certification. In one intensive week, participants will learn all major tactical management skills needed for day-to-day operation of a contact center.  The final day will be spent working on a business case and work plan for the candidate's real-world certification project.  Participants choose a project within the process area that will have the greatest impact on their contact center's performance.  Desk-side one-on-one guidance is provided by field-experienced RCCSP call center management consultants.

All topics covered in the Call Center Manager Training and Certification course (below) will be covered in this Boot Camp.

Call Center Manager Training and Certification
4-day training course, includes CCCM certification exam. Offered year-round in cities across the US and Caribbean. Can be scheduled in-house for private delivery.

This newly updated curriculum focuses on the comprehensive skills and knowledge necessary to successfully manage small, mid-sized, new, and challenged call centers. The material covers tactical call center management responsibilities, from the most fundamental tasks of hiring, training, monitoring, coaching, maintaining morale, forecasting, scheduling, and using performance metrics; all the way through quality assurance, technology selection, cost management, strategy, leadership and more.

CCCP - Certified Contact Center Professional

Contact Center Professional Training and Certification
2- or 3-day in-house, private training program for front-line professionals, includes CCCP certification exam.

This training and professional certification course is perfect for call center and help desk agents, representatives, analysts, technicians and team leads.  The training focuses on communication skills, relationship building, and problem resolution techniques that can be applied first and foremost to customer interactions, but also to everyday communications (and conflicts) within the team.  An optional third day can be added to meet specific or immediate needs of the front-line team, such as email and chat communication skills, conflict management, team building, IT incident management, soft collections, upselling and cross-selling, and agent self-management with metrics.

CCP - Certified Collections Professional

Collections Professional Training and Certification
3-day in-house, private training program, includes CCP certification exam.

This training and certification course is perfect for call center professionals that service debtor questions and negotiate payment of receivables or delinquent debts.  The training focuses on critical listening and questioning skills, professional communication skills, trust building, problem solving, negotiations, best practice call handling procedures, and how to maintain control of calls involving upset callers or difficult personalities and encouraging them to take action.

CSR - Certified Service Representative

Service Representative Online Self-Study Certification Training
Online self-study, includes the certification exam.

This self-paced self-study,course is designed for new front-line service representatives. Participants will learn fundamental principles and techniques for delivering excellent customer service. The course covers critical skills in professionalism, communication, call management, stress management and more.


CWMP - Certified Workforce Management Professional

Hands-On Workforce Management Certification Boot Camp
3-day training course, includes CWMP certification exam. Offered year-round in cities across the US and Caribbean. Can be scheduled in-house for private delivery.

In this preparatory course, you will use real-world workforce management tools to practice daily forecasting and scheduling tasks, and devise solutions to service level challenges. You will also learn optimization techniques you can use immediately to reduce costs, improve service and performance levels, and manage the complexities of skill-based routing, email and chat contacts, and a mixture of inbound and outbound calling

QAMC - Quality Assurance Mastery Certification

Call Center Quality Assurance Certification Series
7-part virtual training series, includes QAMC certificate exam

This series of seven, 90-minute online training courses is designed specifically for the specialized training needs of QA analysts and those supervisory professionals and leaders that influence service quality.  In seven targeted sessions, participants will learn best practices in satisfaction auditing, agent monitoring, monitoring form design and calibration, QA tools and technologies, and effective coaching and feedback techniques.

CCCS - Certified Contact Center Supervisor

Contact Center Supervisor Training and Certification
2-day, in-house, private preparatory program for supervisors, includes CCCS certification exam.

This is the industry's most up-to-date training and certification program for call center supervisors. The CCCS certification preparatory program trains supervisors in essential communication, leadership, and coaching skills, and presents best practices for the development of advanced agent training, motivation, retention, collaboration, performance measurement, and self-assessment programs.

CCCE - Certified Call Center Engineer

Contact Center Engineering Certification Boot Camp
5-day CCCE training course. Offered year-round in cities across the US.

Individuals attending this entry-level service engineering boot camp will return to their support centers with practical, real-world knowledge of how to prepare information for effective call management reporting and how to design call center processes that deliver the high quality service at drastically reduced wait times.  Attendees will be introduced to underlying concepts and practical applications of call center metrics, data analytics, reporting, Six Sigma design, and the mathematical and statistical bases for high-performance call center re-engineering.

Call Center Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Call Center Six Sigma Black Belt Masters Series
80-hour, 4-part training series

This 80-hour series includes four training courses and culminates in two Six Sigma Black Belt certificates: Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and Call Center Six Sigma Master Black Belt. This program is designed for management professionals who are pursuing break-through quality, performance optimization, and operational improvements for their contact centers. Achieve the highest level of technical and organizational proficiency in service engineering.  Don't miss this unusual opportunity to distinguish yourself in the workplace and propel your contact center to new levels.

CCCD - Certified Contact Center Director

Contact Center Director Training and Certification
3-day training course, includes certification exam

Utilizing a participative approach that combines expert content, in-class discussion, networking and idea-sharing, and case study exercises, this course explores critical strategic drivers of contact center performance, from fundamental issues such as setting customer service objectives, assessing contact center capabilities, and maximizing investments in human resources and technology, to implementing non-traditional outsourcing and home-worker options.